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berny604 has a question about the Samsung Galaxy S5

Started by: berny604
On: 02/10/2015 | 19:17
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by: berny604
on: 02/10/2015 | 19:17
if I get a phone paying monthly do you still have to buy a goody bag each month
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by: mcilwraith
on: 02/10/2015 | 19:19

yes they are seperate things

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by: nerakb
on: 02/10/2015 | 19:21
You don't have to purchase a goodybag every month-they're optional.

You can purchase a goodybag as and when you need one-eg,you can start off on PAYG,stay on that for a few months then purchase a goodybag for one month then revert back to PAYG.
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by: ray2
on: 02/10/2015 | 19:29 edited: 02/10/2015 | 19:30

hi and welcome to the forum


if you already have a sim account with giffgaff make sure you are logged in when purchasing your phone,then you will not be asked to buy a goodybag.


if you dont have a sim account then when you go to buy your phone,you will need to purchase a goodybag,this is only so you can give giffgaff a try.


you dont have to buy a goodybag every month (make sure you dont click recur goodybag when buying the goodybag with the phone)


you dont even need to activate the sim when you recieve it with your phone,just put it away in a drawer and put the network you are using sim in it.


you can use giffgaff as pay as yo go by topping up your account with credit (minimum £10) this will last until you run out of credit,where as a goodybag lasts for one month only and you lose any minutes/txt or data left in the goodybag.


so it,s entirely up to you,whether you want to buy a goodybag sometimes or stick to topping up your phone with pay as you go credit,


your loan for the phone is totally seperate from goodybag and top up credit

all the best

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by: sneaky007
on: 02/10/2015 | 19:32
HI @berny604

No the goodybag is optional you don't need to purchase it every month, You can purchase it whenever you want or if you want you can purchase airtime credit. Please see this link for more information on goodybags and airtime creidt.

Also if you wish to learn more about buying a phone from giffgaff please see this link

And check out this link to guide on buying one using the ratesetter loan option.
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by: fadyyasin
on: 02/10/2015 | 19:33
goodybag is not include in phone monthly payment
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