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blackberry curve 9360 settings & messenger help

Started by: connor_derbyshire
On: 06/06/2012 | 22:07
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by: connor_derbyshire
on: 06/06/2012 | 22:07
How do I get my blackberry curve 9360 to have blackberry messenger & blsckberry settings? Thanks
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by: jtemplar
on: 06/06/2012 | 22:08

If your BlackBerry is unlocked then it will work on giffgaff.

If you want a FREE BlackBerry unlock then visit this website:


When you purchase the BlackBerry Add-on the settings for your BlackBerry will be automatically loaded on to your phone and there is no need for you to enter the settings manually, although you may need to remove the battery for about 30 seconds and then put it back in to perform a reset.


You must purchase the BlackBerry Add-on at the same time as your goodybag; if you fail to purchase the BlackBerry Add-on with your goodybag then you must wait until you next buy a goodybag. If you queue a goodybag and forget to also queue a BlackBerry Add-on then ask an Agent to cancel the queued goodybag to allow you to repurchase together with a BlackBerry Add-on. Agents can take up to 24 hours to reply, see your replies here:


If you need to download BlackBerry App World onto your handset then visit 


BlackBerry Add-On with £5 Goodybag
When buying a BB add-on with a £5 goodybag, (either Hokey Cokey or the Unlimited text plan) you get BlackBerry Internet Services (BIS) which include BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), BlackBerry (push) e-mails and BlackBerry Internet.

Facebook, Google and other data services are charged at 20p a day (up to 20MB).
You will be charged at 20p/MB until you use 1MB/day. If you use between 1MB and 20MB you will only be charged 20p/day. If you go over 20MB you'll be charged extra at 20p/MB.



To send MMS you will need some credit on your giffgaff SIM as they cost 16p each and are not included in any goodybags. Receiving MMS will be OK so long as you have the £10 (or above) goodybag or credit for data as the £5 goodybags don't include data.

Guide to Blackberry


BlackBerry Top Tips

You can use your BlackBerry without the BlackBerry Add-On, however you will need to set-up the handset yourself and somethings will not work, e.g. MMS, BlackBerry email and Twitter app . With the right configuration you will however be able to access the Internet, (even using the installed BlackBerry browser for BlackBerrys running up to and including version 5 of the BlackBerry Operating System), and access Facebook using an older app.

To set-up your BlackBerry for use without the BlackBerry Add-On follow this guide:
Blackberry without BIS:


You can buy a goodybag at any time, up until 7pm on the day an existing goodybag expires when the system locks-out new goodybag purchases until 9am the following day.

At busy times the 9am timescale may be extended to 1pm.


If you want to ensure an uninterrupted service from old to new Goodybag, you need to queue it before 7pm on the day it is due to expire - best way is to queue it as soon as your current one is active.


Welcome to giffgaff!


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by: bosunbabe
on: 06/06/2012 | 22:08
you have to buy the bbm add-on alongside a goodybag (you just add it to your basket at the same time)

the internet settings are as follows

username: giffgaff
password: password
I hope this has helped you! Smiley Wink

Get a free giffgaff Sim
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by: connor_derbyshire
on: 06/06/2012 | 22:16
I purchased the £5 hokeycockey goodybag with the blackberry add-on but I just received this... If you'd like to use WAP or MMS on this phone you'll need to manually enter a few settings. Don't worry, there is step by step help here I followed the link and it just goes to the main site
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by: jtemplar
on: 06/06/2012 | 22:54

Try a battery pull i.e. remove battery while the BlackBerry is switched-on and after 30 seconds replace battery and allow handset to restart.

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