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call divert

Started by: happytwit
On: 06/10/2011 | 20:33
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by: happytwit
on: 06/10/2011 | 20:33

Can I divert incoming calls to my home phone?

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by: david72817281
on: 06/10/2011 | 20:36
I think go into your phone settings and find call divert
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by: adam98675
on: 06/10/2011 | 20:37 edited: 06/10/2011 | 20:38

Yes on your phone keypad dail: **21*(Number to divert to)#

To divert all incoming calls to your landline

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by: ninzah
on: 06/10/2011 | 20:37
You can, but I think you might be charged for the divert as it would then be like your phone ringing your house phone.
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by: voodoomama
on: 06/10/2011 | 20:38

Have a look at this

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