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call failed

Started by: casey_irving
On: 08/08/2016 | 13:20
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by: casey_irving
on: 08/08/2016 | 13:20
Every time I call out and only have 1-3 bars it continues to pop up call failed and not allow me to call out to anyone, but when I have a full bar everything works perfectly fine.
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by: mysticalmianderer
on: 08/08/2016 | 13:23

turn phone off and on. it may also be person your calling has no signal

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by: alggff
on: 08/08/2016 | 13:24
You can try doing a manual roam to refresh your signal connection:
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by: 1hale
on: 08/08/2016 | 13:24
Yes happen to all of us at times.

Nothing to do with network just signal problems that is all.
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