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call forward conditional is enabled

Started by: jfcrowther
On: 24/12/2013 | 13:21
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by: jfcrowther
on: 24/12/2013 | 13:21

sorry about this, i keep getting this message when i try phoning outm is it to do with me not being activated yet or is it the phone

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by: j_s
on: 24/12/2013 | 13:23
it means voicemail is on
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by: bengalknights
on: 24/12/2013 | 13:23
Disable voicemail with 1626 and this should disappear
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by: laura524
on: 24/12/2013 | 13:24

just means your voicemail is enabled 

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by: sloz
on: 24/12/2013 | 13:24 edited: 24/12/2013 | 13:30
Yes if you haven't yet activated your sim that'll be the reason
You need to fully activate your sim which includes topping up / buying a goodybag during the process

Start your activation here

If you've completed activation and your account is still showing activation in progress , you just need to wait till that's complete
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by: jfcrowther
on: 24/12/2013 | 13:25

just dial 1626 ?


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by: bigdave2010
on: 24/12/2013 | 13:26

yes  if your not fully active that will happen see this link as thers some delays in sim activation and top ups at present please read this link below for the latest information


if you wish to speak to a agent click on this link

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by: jfcrowther
on: 24/12/2013 | 13:28

ive been able to top up no problem, just waitin for sim to activate

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by: nigelbrooks
on: 24/12/2013 | 13:38

Hang in there and welcome to the giffgaff community.


Any questions once you are 'activated' just ask.


The knowledge base is a cracking resource as well.


You can reach it by hovering your mouse over 'Community' on your giffgaff home page.


A very Merry Cristmas to 'you and yours'.

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by: ooadnanoo
on: 24/12/2013 | 14:08
Dial 1626
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