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can't add a goody-bag

Started by: morgannn
On: 23/02/2012 | 21:46
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by: morgannn
on: 23/02/2012 | 21:46

it is saying that my goody-bag expires today but it's saying that I cannot add a goody-bag at this point and I can only top-up. what is happening??

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by: bonusball
on: 23/02/2012 | 21:46


We wanted to let you know that we've made a slight change to the cut-off time you'll need to queue a Goodybag before on the day it expires.
**If you want to ensure an uninterrupted service/rollover from an old to a new Goodybag, you'll now need to queue it before 7pm on the day it is due to expire.**
Now, the eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that this has been moved slightly earlier than it was previously.

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by: morvin
on: 23/02/2012 | 21:47
You are locked out till 9AM. Try again 2moro
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by: bluemoonbaz
on: 23/02/2012 | 21:48
your locked out try again tommowafter 9am .
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by: matt_richardson
on: 23/02/2012 | 21:48
Sorry but it's a waiting game.

Best advice that I can offer it to always have a goodybag stacked up well in advance.
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by: jayakira
on: 23/02/2012 | 21:57 - Complete guide to goodybags

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by: mba_263
on: 23/02/2012 | 22:08
you can buy a new one tomorrow morning
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by: daviejust
on: 03/03/2012 | 09:24

I'm in the same situation. I added credit last night at approx 21.00  via debit card. The credit i showing in my account and received sms that credit was added, but after 9am this morning still cannot  buy a goodybag. Do I need to wait till 9am tomorrow ? (over one day after having added credit to account)

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by: leslie7795
on: 03/03/2012 | 11:09

theys few people having probs at moment

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