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cant get internet settings on samsung galaxy note

Started by: stewart_taylor
On: 22/09/2012 | 16:36
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by: jenny2303
on: 28/03/2013 | 09:12

For every one how need internet settings on Samsung N7000


just put this one 


I test those and are working very good, the giffgaff apn is a big sh.......t



Giffgaff internet and MMS settings for Samsung Galaxy S3 (Also for Galaxy s2 on icecream sandwich also Note N7000 software vers 4.1.2) [ Edited ]


So I came to giffgaff with a new unlocked Samsung galaxy s3 and quickly found that the internet and mms service would not work,I tried sending the SETTINGS sms to 2020 but this didnt work, so using the giffgaff community I was able to find the information i needed to set up the phone, so I thought I would give the information back to anyone with the s3 looking for help.


Right this is what I did :-


Open Settings then click MORE SETTINGS






From here press you menu key which is the touch button to the left of the home button


Next select + NEW APN from here enter this information


Name - giffgaff




Proxy -


Port - 8080


Username - giffgaff


Password - password


Server -




MMS proxy -


MMS port - 8080


MCC - 234


MNC - 10


Authentication type - PAP


APN type - default,supl,mms


Enable/disable APN - tick box (APN enabled)


Bearer - unspecified


After this press you menu button again and select save.


This will take you back to the select APN screen, from here select your newly created giffgaff APN by clicking the small circle next to the giffgaff APN this will make the circle go green


next press your back button and ensure you USE PACKET DATA box is ticked (this option may or may not be there, if it is tick the box, if not don't worry about it, newer versions of android have removed this option) 


Then go back to the main settings page and Set Wi-Fi to OFF Return to home screen. Reboot your phone (turn off and on again).


Your internet should be up and running


To enable MMS you will need to receive an MMS before you can send one so ask a friend nicely to send a test MMS to you. Once this is done everything should be fully up and running and you can turn you WI-FI back on.


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Hope this helps someone out.  



original one


Have a good day

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by: dan_setter
on: 24/10/2014 | 12:37

Excellent advice thank you. Worked immediately

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