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cant ring out or text and dont recieve calls or texts

Started by: spencer1976
On: 22/03/2013 | 08:19
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by: spencer1976
on: 22/03/2013 | 08:19

bought  a second hand iphone 5 on o2 internet is working but cant ring out or text and cant recieve calls or texts,ive checked the o2 coverage in my area its fine and ive double checked the settings and ive tried my sim in another iphone 5 and it works so anybody no what im doing wrong cheers john

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by: weeman
on: 22/03/2013 | 08:20

Where did you buy it?It sounds as if the phone is blocked.



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by: hhaarrryyyy2020
on: 22/03/2013 | 08:21
Sounds like a possible imei bar has been placed on the handset. Use the checkmend website to check the imei status.
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by: headcases
on: 22/03/2013 | 08:26
If you find that there are no issues reported in your area, try:
1. Turning your phone off, then wait five minutes, then turn your phone back on again, then wait five more minutes and try using it as normal
2. A manual roam - there's a handy guide for this at

but it maybe your phone is locked
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by: sc0tt_y
on: 22/03/2013 | 15:42



What does your o2 coverage look like? o2 banner? 5 bars?


I have seen issues where you still get the o2 banner but no bars and have internet access on an iphone 4s


Returned to the o2 shop and got a brand new phone sent back after it went off for repair.


Who was the original provider for the phone? Is it an unlocked phone i.e. you can put any sim into it?


Seeing as it's an iphone 5 i would presume this is still in hardware warrenty and could prob be replaced if its an antenna issue.

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by: nate37
on: 22/03/2013 | 15:49

It does sound like your phone has been blocked possibly because the previous owner has defaulted on a contract or reported the phone as lost/stolen


you can check the IMEI here:   It will cost £1.99

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