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cb messages

Started by: georginarock
On: 10/06/2012 | 20:07
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by: georginarock
on: 10/06/2012 | 20:07

I keep getting cb messages to my phone about 200 a day I have a galxy phone does anyone no how to switch it off it only started when I changes from 3 to giffgaff?  Please help driving me mad

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by: miffysmiffy
on: 10/06/2012 | 20:13
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Disable in your settings x
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by: morvin
on: 10/06/2012 | 20:08
What are cb messages?
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by: pcoventry
on: 10/06/2012 | 20:08
You get them after everything you do
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by: bengalknights
on: 10/06/2012 | 20:08
Under sms settings disable them then it will stop
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by: metalzak87
on: 10/06/2012 | 20:08 edited: 10/06/2012 | 20:09

cb message do you mean balance message if so its in your giff gaff settings just turn off balance notifications.

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by: pcoventry
on: 10/06/2012 | 20:08
Credit balance?
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by: zeenalin
on: 10/06/2012 | 20:09 click this link then balance notifications off Smiley Happy
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by: wman2
on: 10/06/2012 | 20:09
Go to Settings>Messages/Call>Untick Cell Broadcast
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by: badgerhud
on: 10/06/2012 | 20:09
Turn On/Off SMS Notifications:

Turn On/Off Emails from giffgaff:
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by: almashhud
on: 10/06/2012 | 20:10
You can disable CB Messages on Galaxy S from Messages settings. Go to Messages >> Settings (press left hand side button on your mobile) >> Look for Cell Broadcast (CB) Settings >> disable CB Activation. Smiley Very Happy
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