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cheap stamps fo microgaff? where?

Started by: kulsum
On: 18/12/2011 | 19:54
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by: kulsum
on: 18/12/2011 | 19:54
im a microgaffer, where can i get cheap stamps from? iv herd superdrug and whsmith do 5 % of this true? where else can i get a discount of em? thanx Smiley Happy what abwt ebay or amazon?
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by: eddnoon
on: 18/12/2011 | 19:56
Ebay I know for a fact. For cheap too. Under £5 I heard
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by: welshdragon92
on: 18/12/2011 | 19:57
Best too get them from the high street or a reputable online shop. Best to be safe than reciving fake stamps
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by: tim1974
on: 18/12/2011 | 20:00

A lot of the ebay ones are already used and washed.

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by: mgb2
on: 18/12/2011 | 20:05

you could always break into your local post office???


Staples the office supply people also do bulk discount of about 5% and so the post office if you buy enough

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by: alweb
on: 18/12/2011 | 20:08

i always buy my stamps from superdrug they are great

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by: murrayw17
on: 18/12/2011 | 20:17
Superdrug are my choice : )
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