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compensation for loss of service

Started by: reenareenz
On: 17/03/2012 | 23:39
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by: reenareenz
on: 17/03/2012 | 23:39

Hi all,


Did anyone receive any sort of compensation for this huge mess up yesterday as I could not use my phone for over 7 hours and I got a silly apology!



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by: deciver12
on: 17/03/2012 | 23:40
it was only like 8 hours lol i'm sure you could go without your phone for that long.
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by: bengalknights
on: 17/03/2012 | 23:40
Not yet although expect 1 pound or less lol
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by: syorksdeano
on: 17/03/2012 | 23:42
Least you got an apology, some networks won't even give you that
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by: mikedeveloper
on: 17/03/2012 | 23:42
You shouldn't have to go without a phone. Cheap or not, that's not a good service and Giffgaff will feel the wrath from users I bet unless they offer something.
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by: hashjam
on: 17/03/2012 | 23:43 edited: 17/03/2012 | 23:54
Not sure you would be asking the same question if you were with another network. An apology is suffice.
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by: gerradwy
on: 17/03/2012 | 23:43
Wait and see. I believe gg will come up with sth for us
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by: dannismith
on: 17/03/2012 | 23:47

I think i did but i'm not sure if it was just a blip. My £10 goody bag should have ran out last night (16th) at midnight, but this morning i was still able to text and use the internet. Before anyone asks, i did not have any credit on my phone just the goodybag. It did eventually run out at around 2 o'clock this afternoon though. Did anyone else have the same thing happen to them? I'm not complaining or anything Smiley Tongue i wasn't expecting any compensation anyway cause it seems silly for just a few hours of not being able to use a phone. Only thing i was slightly sad about was not being able to ring or text my mum to say happy birthday until 6 o'clock at night XD

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by: mrxt
on: 17/03/2012 | 23:51
I doubt we will get anything and its not needed.
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