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email and bbm set up on blackberry curve 9320

Started by: piplet
On: 21/08/2012 | 15:10
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by: piplet
on: 21/08/2012 | 16:14

Thank you.

Now where do i find wap settings?!

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by: piplet
on: 21/08/2012 | 16:15

yes i bought both together.

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by: paultheball
on: 21/08/2012 | 16:37
hi piplet,
Under normal circumstances, if you have the BB
Add-On, you should receive your service books.
Only when more than 24 hours have passed and
on your My Giffgaff Dashboard it confirms it is
active, then you Contact the agents and ask them
to send you the service books.

You can contact an agent regarding this

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by: cruzdablok
on: 18/04/2014 | 18:08
Hi! How i can activate my bbm on my curve9320? Thanks
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