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extend ringing time on an Iphone4

Started by: alan_groves
On: 24/02/2015 | 22:57
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by: alan_groves
on: 24/02/2015 | 22:57

Good evening,


I have an Iphone 4 and am totally non technical, please can anyone advise me how to extend the number of rings before the call is transferred to the answerphone.


It has recently, all on it's own , changed to about 3 rings then the call is diverted.


Many thanks


Alan Groves

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Accepted Solutions
by: mathew40
on: 24/02/2015 | 22:57
Hi there @alan_groves
To change the number of rings before your device diverts to your voicemail,simply dial.

**61*443 *10*amount of seconds# followed by –Amount of time in increments of 5 secs,then press SEND
Please also check out this great guide here
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by: ggsunset
on: 24/02/2015 | 22:58
Turn off answerphone by dialing 1626 from phone
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by: klaus1968
on: 24/02/2015 | 23:56
Hi there is a way **61*43*10* that will give you the amount of seconds listen to what is said and press send there's also a site to try hppts:// I hope this helps you out
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by: alan_groves
on: 01/03/2015 | 12:50

Thanks for the link, it worked well.


I did not have a clue


Thanks again.




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