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fare usage policy violation

Started by: richfolio
On: 17/08/2018 | 14:47
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by: richfolio
on: 22/08/2018 | 17:40
Just to update the post. Today I have been told that I will be band from the £25 goody bag. Since I received the initial warning text I have used 100MB, only using google maps. I have taken great care to meet all expectations given to me by Giffgaffs automated system (Download amount and bandwidth). I have now queried a Giffgaff agent in the hope that this can be appealed. I'll update you if it's successful.
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by: richfolio
on: 23/08/2018 | 18:10
Unsuccessful. I was told that "always on date" was not "unlimited data"? Outside of this I was not given any clearer information. I would have expected always to receive a service anyway? why spend the extra money for always on if I can still only use 20GB? I'm not particularly upset as their are quite a few mobile providers to choose from. I don't think I'll look to return to Giffgaff until they're clearer with their expectations/ limitations. At least I know what to expect from Giffgaff.
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