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five pound top up

Started by: bully79
On: 12/08/2011 | 11:57
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by: bully79
on: 12/08/2011 | 11:57

Hi people,I've just been to the shop and asked for a five pound top up on O2 as i want to purchase a £5 goody bag,however the shop assistant told me i can't get a five pound top up.

Any ideas how i can get one as i don't use a credit card/debit card.

many thanks!

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by: danipun
on: 12/08/2011 | 11:58

sorry mate 

you need to top up atleast 10 pounds to activate your new sim

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by: bobvaldez
on: 12/08/2011 | 11:58

the min topup is 10 pounds mate unless you buy a 5 pound bag with your credit/debit card 

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by: weeman
on: 12/08/2011 | 11:59

o2/giffgaff don't do £5 top ups mate,min top up is £10 for vouchers.


The only other way to buy a £5 goodybag is with credit/debit card,as you don't have a card then it has to be £10 i,m afraid.



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by: usmanozzy786
on: 12/08/2011 | 11:59
You cant activate the sim with £5 it had to £10 or above.
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by: danipun
on: 12/08/2011 | 12:01

why dont u just activate it by 10 pounds ..

and buy 5 pound goody bag with it n 5 pounds will be your remaining credits plus if you have ordereed via gg members you will

get 5 pounds extra credits.


enjoy mate n welcome to giffgaff

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by: jmistry
on: 12/08/2011 | 12:01
Minimum top up is £10, but you can use part of this balance to buy the £5 goodybag.
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by: weeman
on: 12/08/2011 | 12:03

Guys the OP has not mentioned anything about activating a sim.....He wants to top up.



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by: bully79
on: 12/08/2011 | 12:09

The sim is already activated (I've had it 6mths).

Oh well that's a shame that's all i have to spare for a top up at the moment,i will have to wait until i get paid again.

Thanks folks!

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by: hairyface82
on: 12/08/2011 | 13:03

you cant top up £5 its an minimum of £10 im afraid

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