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free 5 pound

Started by: amandajgaweda
On: 01/09/2013 | 10:44
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by: amandajgaweda
on: 01/09/2013 | 10:44

i was under the impressio that when ya top up for first time u get 5 pound free

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by: bruno00
on: 01/09/2013 | 10:45
you need use a sim card given to yoy by someone who is already using giffgaff network
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by: amandajgaweda
on: 01/09/2013 | 10:46

 right thats quite cheeky

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by: cmarshall028
on: 01/09/2013 | 10:48
If you ordered it off the gg site it will not come with the £5 you need to have ordered it from an affiliate link.

Pretty annoying but you will earn more from payback
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by: bruno00
on: 01/09/2013 | 10:49
once you on giffgaff you can invite your frineds using and you will get 5 pound cash back per activated sim card in December and your friends will get 5 pound credit after first top up.
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by: danmullen
on: 01/09/2013 | 10:49
If you recruit someone to giffgaff and they sign up using your link/banner, they get £5 free credit and you earn £5 payback Smiley Happy
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by: w69d
on: 01/09/2013 | 10:50 edited: 01/09/2013 | 10:56
Hi, which sim did you receive ?

a ) For a " referral " SIM, the minimum payment is £10. Referral SIMs ( with a £5 credit bonus ) are received from an existing member's " spread giffgaff page ", forum banner or other personalised link.

b ) For a " free " SIM, the minimum payment is £5. Free SIMs are ordered from the giffgaff main page. Please note that free SIMs do not have a credit bonus.
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by: walkrightback
on: 01/09/2013 | 10:50
If you get your SIM card direct from giffgaff this doesn't apply.
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by: goonerrick
on: 01/09/2013 | 10:52
It's only if you got your sim from someone you know, or ordered it from one of the links at the bottom of posts. If you ordered direct from giffgaff you don't get the fiver.

I made the same mistake when I first registered. Even without the free credit joining giffgaff was a great decision.

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by: tezza32
on: 01/09/2013 | 11:00
You have to have SIM card from someone who is already using giffgaff to get the 5 pounds offer Smiley Happy
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