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Started by: sumiahg
On: 04/11/2010 | 20:21
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by: sumiahg
on: 04/11/2010 | 20:21

when the goodybag has finished for the 1st month do they automatically take money agin for the next month or does it just last for a  month

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by: theshadowman
on: 04/11/2010 | 20:22

Just lasts for a month. Unless you buy another, or have a queued one, then that's it.

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by: nixgeek
on: 04/11/2010 | 20:22 edited: 04/11/2010 | 20:23

They last one month, so you must buy them one month at a time at the moment. You may also queue a single goodybag for the next month, still paying for it upfront, to buy two months at a time Smiley Happy

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by: commsyeo
on: 04/11/2010 | 20:23
It just lasts 1 month. You can buy a new one before the old one finishes which will start as soon as the old finishes or you can wait until you want to start a new one. The only thing you can't do is buy a new one on the day that your old one is due to expire.

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by: joecox406
on: 05/11/2010 | 18:55
They only automatically take money if you set that up.
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by: andreww
on: 05/11/2010 | 18:56

@joecox406 wrote:
They only automatically take money if you set that up.

not for a goodybag - that currently has to be purchased manually each time Smiley Wink

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by: wilky
on: 05/11/2010 | 19:48
the goodybag don't actually last one month, they last 30 days and as we all know in some cases 30 days isn't quite a month or a little more than a month....

so one goodybag lasts 30 days... money will be automatically taken if u set ur account up to be continuous on my giffgaff
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by: nixgeek
on: 05/11/2010 | 19:51
@wilky At least in my experience, this has not been the case, they have actually lasted 1 calendar month. I have had a goodybag for the past 2 or 3 months, and they have expired on the same date (4th) every time Smiley Happy

This is also backed up by the pricing page which says "... that lasts for a month." Smiley Happy
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by: imzdaking
on: 05/11/2010 | 20:55

Lasts for a month. you need to buy another one after that unless you have bought a goodybag while in use of your current goodybag. the neww goodybag will take place as soon as your current one finishes

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by: mickieh
on: 05/11/2010 | 21:55

Goodybags do last for a calendar month, not 30 days Smiley Happy


You can buy two and have the second one queued up ready to start when the current one expires, but automatic buying of goodbags doesn't happen.


You can automatically have your cash credit balance topped up when it drops below £3 if you have a card registered for topping up Smiley Wink

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