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giffgaff charged me why?

Started by: inammy65
On: 13/01/2012 | 17:16
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by: adsb
on: 13/01/2012 | 17:35

The possibilities are:


1/.  You texted a Giffgaff number, and were charged -  that's a fault which we need to report


2/.  You texted a non-Giffgaff number, and were charged - that's intentional


So you need to check whether the number you texted is actually on Giffgaff.  Your friend could be like me and have 2 mobile phone numbers - and I don't give out my Giffgaff number (because it's used for an important private purpose).


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by: zcbmm
on: 13/01/2012 | 18:02
a text cost 6p
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by: matt3
on: 13/01/2012 | 19:07
Hi I'm assuming u topped up with credit which will charge at giffgaff standard tariff (6p for txts) You need to select a goodybag 10 pound one on the topup page and select the checkbox 'buy from credit'. Then u will get free txts
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by: rakel13
on: 13/01/2012 | 19:09

contact an agent if he is on gg and they will sort it

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by: leighp
on: 13/01/2012 | 19:13

you need to covert credit into a goodybag

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by: murrayw17
on: 13/01/2012 | 19:27
You need to purchase a goodybag : )
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by: faheema369
on: 13/01/2012 | 19:28 edited: 13/01/2012 | 19:29

you have to buy a goodybag for it otherwise they will use your credit.

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by: annisa195
on: 13/01/2012 | 19:30
If your friend is on giffgaff, the text should have been free. If he isn't then you've been charged. To get free texts/calls you'll need to activate a goodybag of your choice. To get your 6p back, contact an agent who will put the credit back into your account.

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by: becky77
on: 13/01/2012 | 19:34
Was your friend on giffgaff?
And you'll ned to purchase a goodybag
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by: jordanblack68
on: 13/01/2012 | 19:37
If he's on giffgaff. Shouldn't cost anything.
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