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giffgaff login

Started by: tonyt1
On: 06/05/2011 | 22:51
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by: tonyt1
on: 06/05/2011 | 22:51

is it on a timer i only ask because when i am on the forums and answering questions and the like if i have already logged in at the start of the browse if i then go back to my giffgaff i have to log in again which can be a bit annoying not cookie related i dont think  as coookies are cleared  every  day automatically 

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by: aks782
on: 06/05/2011 | 22:52
Yeah sadly the sessions are very short on gg, i always experience this.

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by: thesaint
on: 06/05/2011 | 22:52

Yes,you have to login after a set period.

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by: mba_263
on: 06/05/2011 | 22:52
mine logs out after a few hours is yours the same time period? i guess its just a security thing that it auto logs out
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by: mojohaza1
on: 06/05/2011 | 22:52
yeh i get the same thing. i think the difference is this "powered by lithium" thing that only applies to the forum, lithium probably allow sessions to be inactive for longer than the rest of the gg website.
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by: adsyrah
on: 06/05/2011 | 22:54 edited: 06/05/2011 | 22:55

I get this too. I'm guessing it's something to do with the community board being on a different subdomain to 'My Giffgaff'.

Better having the session time out than someone get into your account to fiddle though?


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by: mitchell2010
on: 06/05/2011 | 22:54
yes giffgaff seems to log you out if you don't refresh the page
it normally logs you out after about 5 minutes of not refreshing
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by: giffgafful
on: 06/05/2011 | 22:56

Yes, I think it times out after a while, and you have to log back in to use My giffgaff, although you are still logged into the forum for longer.

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by: iawak
on: 06/05/2011 | 22:57
I think that was because you were inactive for a while. Just keep on refreshing it once in a while. That should do the job. Smiley Happy
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by: olie122333
on: 06/05/2011 | 23:01
I've never noticed it automatically logging me out? Still, I wouldn't be bothered if it did, it protects your account in the long run.
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