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giffgaff settings

Started by: kim1062
On: 12/12/2009 | 23:50
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by: kim1062
on: 12/12/2009 | 23:50

Received email saying "Once you've inserted your giffgaff SIM, leave your handset on. Assuming your handset remains on and within network coverage, within about 30 minutes you should receive a text message explaining the next steps." I haven't received a text message, what do I do now? (Currently unable to use MMS and WAP/web.) My phone is an HTC 2HD.

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by: bigfatbball2
on: 13/12/2009 | 01:15

kim1062 send SETTINGS to 2020

if that fails have a look at the general giffgaff settings or have a look for guides to other windows mobile phones 


Nice phone except for the winmo part of it Smiley Wink

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by: ncfc11
on: 11/01/2011 | 22:41

Its 29 days since he had the problem, presumably the problem is sorted.

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by: lordofangels
on: 11/01/2011 | 22:42

Smiley Surprised


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by: adam98675
on: 11/01/2011 | 22:45


ncfc11 wrote:

Its 29 days since he had the problem, presumably the problem is sorted.

It has been 1 YEAR and 29 days you'd hope so


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by: ncfc11
on: 11/01/2011 | 23:11

Thanks for putting me right.

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by: dannyl333
on: 13/11/2011 | 14:50

Please send settings .  Just transferred from vodaphone to giffgaff on a Htc Wildfire

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by: 23becca91
on: 13/11/2011 | 14:53
text settings to 2020, or search for your phone in the help section. alternatively, put your details into and it will sort them out for you. i had problems with the settings on my htc and this sorted them
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by: aggy_agate
Community Staff

on: 19/04/2015 | 16:15



This thread is 6 years old. I have locked it now.


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