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Started by: goldenmicro23
On: 16/10/2013 | 18:10
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by: goldenmicro23
on: 16/10/2013 | 18:10

how can i contact giffgaff agents arent really helping much

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by: ranest
on: 16/10/2013 | 18:12 edited: 16/10/2013 | 18:13

Agents take up to 24 hours to respond. Contact them here:


However, the community can help you as well if you explain your problem in more detail.Smiley Happy

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by: homecliff
on: 16/10/2013 | 18:13
there's only the agents to contact through the link on your giffgaff page
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by: natashaawaan
on: 16/10/2013 | 18:14

the only way u can contact giffgaff is thru an agent or through this forum here

can i ask what ur problem is we might be able to help u

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by: mickf
on: 16/10/2013 | 18:15

As a silver helper you should know that your only options are the community or the agent.  You say the agents arn't helping you so what's the problem?

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by: ijocky
on: 16/10/2013 | 18:15



Other than the community, the agents are the only one's that can help.  You can always ask an educator if your having trouble with agents, they might help,



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by: xxultrajxx
on: 16/10/2013 | 18:16
Hya you can contact an agent at the link below or you can contact an eductor from the list below,
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