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goodybag auto-renew

Started by: courteousdave
On: 14/10/2010 | 22:44
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by: courteousdave
on: 14/10/2010 | 22:44



Can you set it up so that you automatically renew your goodybag each month?



thanks for your help.




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by: jamesdn
on: 14/10/2010 | 22:45 edited: 14/10/2010 | 22:47

No sorry you can't automatically renew a goodybag but you can 'queue' a goodybag to start when your live one ends.


But you still have to remember to log on once a month to do it. Sorry.

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by: lucid
on: 14/10/2010 | 22:46

No, you can't set up goodybags to renew... only credit (at the moment)


You can however line up one goodybag to become active when the current one ceases, but only the one, so it's not a long term solution.







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by: darrenpainter
on: 14/10/2010 | 22:46
You can auto renew your credit, but no there is no auto renewal of goody bags, you must manually choose to renew them
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by: funkylogik
on: 15/10/2010 | 00:00
Its probably a good thing to come on here atleast once a month anyway so you can find out about changes, offers, new different goodybags that may become available etc. Its hardly an effort m8 **bleep** on.... Viva gg lol :-)
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by: funkylogik
on: 15/10/2010 | 00:02
Good lord.... Beep should have said 'come' fs who programmed the censor?
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by: rjheald
on: 15/10/2010 | 01:58

come is fine but you can't say c-u-m

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by: shyamhj
on: 15/10/2010 | 09:15
Not at the moment. This has been mentioned in the ideas section. Its a good idea Smiley Happy. You could que goodybags. Buy one and then another. The other one will start after the first one has expired. But you can only have one active one (one that you use) and one that has been qued.
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