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Started by: zofia1960
On: 28/03/2018 | 17:54
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by: zofia1960
on: 28/03/2018 | 17:54


I bought giff gaff sim card and activeted it. Then I chose goody bag 15 pounds 23.03.2018, i transferred number from o2 to giff gaff and i do not have 15 pounds.... where they are? is it possible that they left on "old" giff gaff number(before transfer)? I have confirmation that i paid and I have email that next payment will be in April, should I buy new goodybag now or top up?


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by: figment_uk
on: 28/03/2018 | 17:57



Your balance will be £0 because you bought a goodybag which is not the same.  

Please dial 43430, option 2.  Make a note of all of the figures and dates, and post the info here. 

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