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heatherj007 has a question about imei number

Started by: heatherj007
On: 17/03/2018 | 09:32
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by: heatherj007
on: 17/03/2018 | 09:32
Hi if you've lost your phone and don't have the original packaging how do you find out what your IMEI number is?
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by: littlechris1989
on: 17/03/2018 | 09:36 edited: 17/03/2018 | 09:41

Hi @heatherj007

Request from agent here, he/she will provide you with it
Replies are within 24hrs

Do you still have the phone box? It'll be on that too if you have it.

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by: rebelyell
on: 17/03/2018 | 09:39
If it's an Android phone then you'll find it on your Google account. If it's an iPhone then it should be on your Apple account.

Otherwise ask a giffgaff agent and they can give it to you.

You can contact an agent by sending a message from this link:
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by: heatherj007
on: 17/03/2018 | 09:59
Hi @littlechris1989
Unfortunately , I don't have the phone box anymore, I've left the agent a message so hopefully he/she will come back to me soon. I've also blocked both the phone and sim as the phone was actually stolen and the police need the IMEI number. Thank you for your quick reply really appreciated,
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