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Started by: nosh
On: 15/08/2011 | 00:55
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by: nosh
on: 15/08/2011 | 01:03
my top up date alwais be on the 14 i get my mins on 15 and they work buh sum how itsh nt working thanks agian
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by: mary_r_t
on: 15/08/2011 | 01:20

If you had a goodybag that was supposed to take over and it hasn't then you will need to contact an agent.

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by: nosh
on: 15/08/2011 | 01:21
thanks iv contacted an agent im quite upset as they have took the top up money owt and i have nt recived anything
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by: joolzian
on: 15/08/2011 | 01:24

Quite a few people are reporting their bags have not started. If you lose any days I am sure giffgaff will make up for it.

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by: nosh
on: 15/08/2011 | 01:40
yea seem everyones having problems wid goodybags i jush hope i get my mins or i wnt be Happy
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by: shahin1
on: 15/08/2011 | 02:15
i think its a coincidwnce joolzian but anyway i think its best if u contact an agent

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by: rizzy786
on: 15/08/2011 | 02:23

i think you need the settings again text setting to 2020

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by: nosh
on: 15/08/2011 | 03:12
i have tired settings nwt seems to happen i still have nt recived my mins i fink the goodybag thing is dwn and also i have contact an agent does anyone knw wen they get back to u?
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by: sparkybhoy
on: 15/08/2011 | 03:16

Would you please not use text speak as it's difficult to read and makes helping you take longer.


Yes there is currently an issue with goodybags, it will be looked at tomorrow when the tech team or working.


Agents aim to reply to you within 24hrs

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by: nosh
on: 15/08/2011 | 03:21
Thank you and i do applogies just so use to writing in txt langauage and u have been Great help i just hope they goodybags are normal tammarow as i need to phone do i just have to check if they goodybags working by sending a txt or phoning someone?
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