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Started by: bunniigal
On: 09/09/2012 | 03:24
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by: bunniigal
on: 09/09/2012 | 03:24
Im trying to switch off the adult content block but on the form it asks for either passport or driving license details of which i havnt got infact ive not got any i.d as my house has just been set on fire and i lost everything. I dont have a driving license or passport.......please help someone. Thanks
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by: mrs_gee
on: 09/09/2012 | 04:47

Explain here, were here to help but any account related issues please contact an agent here  no phone contact. sorry. :smileysad: they will remove it for you/

If someone has answered your question,, please mark it as 'accepted. Thank YOU Smiley Wink
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by: bengalknights
on: 09/09/2012 | 04:48
Contact agent and verify yourself through them
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by: ben_brown1
on: 09/09/2012 | 06:42
You are going to have to contact an agent on this one
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by: bmw4175
on: 09/09/2012 | 06:44
only way to do it is msg agents
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by: cor
on: 09/09/2012 | 06:44

you need to cotact an agent to remove this.

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by: rhort
on: 09/09/2012 | 08:17
There are two methods of removing the age restriction:

1. Giffgaff Phone Settings at: (Driving License or Passport required)

2. Ask An Agent at
Agent replies:

Asking an Agent is currently the best option as the Phone Settings link can be a bit temperamental. The Agents say it can take up to a week, but it normally takes less than half that.

O2 shops used to deal with this, but now they don't.
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by: timjudd
on: 01/06/2013 | 16:38

it took a long time to sort mine out but the agents was helpful

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by: domlai
on: 27/06/2013 | 03:05
After almost 4 weeks and a message from the giff gaff people saying its solved.
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