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helpline number

Started by: adilbhattli
On: 27/05/2012 | 21:54
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by: adilbhattli
on: 27/05/2012 | 21:54

Can someone tell me that what is helpline number of giffgaff?


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by: wman2
on: 27/05/2012 | 21:54
There is no helpline number, this forum and the agents are your support. What is your question?
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by: morvin
on: 27/05/2012 | 21:54
There isn't one
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by: usmanozzy786
on: 27/05/2012 | 21:55
contact agent through gg is the only way gg dont do helpline numbers sorry
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by: martinwallis
on: 27/05/2012 | 21:55
There is no telephone support.

The community are here to help, or if it is account related then you can contact an agent via the web form
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by: metalhead
on: 27/05/2012 | 21:55
There isn't a helpline number its all done online through the community or agents
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by: spennyguy
on: 27/05/2012 | 21:55

there is no number for giffgaff if its aount related then you need to ask the agents any other question are answered by the community 

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by: tasnima97
on: 27/05/2012 | 21:57
there's no helpline however you contact an agent an they reply really quick
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by: bmw4175
on: 27/05/2012 | 21:57
We are customer services so if its just a general question ask on here. If its account related msg an agent. Giffgaff is run totally online and one of the reasons its so cheap!
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by: kulsum
on: 27/05/2012 | 21:58
there isnt a helpline number, this community is the help. What do you want help with? were happy 2 help Smiley Very Happy
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