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hi I purchased a £10 goodybag today but its not on my phone yet why is this thanks

Started by: alansh1
On: 01/12/2015 | 20:02
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by: alansh1
on: 01/12/2015 | 20:02

its only my second topup have i done it right

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by: jumbo4
on: 01/12/2015 | 20:05


you can check your current status here


log out then log back in to refresh your page

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by: andrewbergstrom
on: 01/12/2015 | 20:28
Check your payment and order history.
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by: figment_uk
on: 01/12/2015 | 20:46

Is it:


Shown in your order history with a status of order delivered?

Shown on your dashboard, with the correct mobile number displayed on the same page?


What message is shown on your phone when you dial *100*7# ?

I do not work for giffgaff, so cannot check anything on your account. This is a public community - please do not post any personal info.
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by: scrappydez
on: 01/12/2015 | 20:50

@alansh1 wrote:


its only my second topup have i done it right


Did you topup the correct account, I can see a alansh account, is that yours?

Text USERNAME to 43430

You will receive a text with some account info, does the community member name match the one in My giffgaff?

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by: anees_mahmood
on: 01/12/2015 | 20:55
Hi there.

Check your payment history to see if your payment was complete, and check your My Giffgaff page to see your account balance.

Dial *100# free from your phone to check your credit balance.
Dial *100*7# to check your goodybag balance.

Restart your phone too.
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