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how can I downgrade Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 from Jelly Bean to Gingerbread?

Started by: traveller
On: 15/08/2013 | 14:38
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by: traveller
on: 15/08/2013 | 14:38

Hi. I've updated my phone yesterday through KIES to Jelly Bean and I HATE IT as it's dead slow. I cleared cache and restored factory settings without any luck. I switched off any background processes and animations but that didn't do any good. Task manager shows that there is over 300 MB used memory out of 482 (why is it only 482???). On Gingerbread my used memory was around 250MB. Internet through WI-FI is also slow so I just want to go back to Gingerbread but KIES doesn't have an option to do that. By the way my phone is locked to O2. Can anyone help me?

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by: sleeco
on: 15/08/2013 | 14:44
Hi, just do a search on the net,
Regards Brian.

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by: traveller
on: 15/08/2013 | 14:48

thanks. I'll try that when I get home. Does it matter that it's a Russian ROM?

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by: traveller
on: 15/08/2013 | 14:50

I did but couldn't find any clear step-by-step guide.

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by: sendawar
on: 15/08/2013 | 14:53
No mate it shouldn't make any difference, there's loads of good
detail in the link so i'm pretty sure it will point out any possible
difficultiies you might come accross. Good luck with it!
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by: weeman
on: 15/08/2013 | 14:53

traveller wrote:

I did but couldn't find any clear step-by-step guide.

The link posted is a step by step guide.


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by: traveller
on: 15/08/2013 | 15:15

Has anyone used that method with phone locked to O2? I'm worried that I may need actual O2 firmware in order to get that downgrade done.

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by: mic_fin
on: 15/08/2013 | 15:24
Ever thought of rooting your phone and flashing a custom Rom?

Heard a few people having problems with that Rom your refering too.
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by: bruno00
on: 15/08/2013 | 15:28
xda developers is the best website with all information you needed.
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