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how can i make international calls

Started by: brettling
On: 11/09/2010 | 11:53
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by: brettling
on: 11/09/2010 | 11:53

I've been a giffgaff member for 2 months now and I've been looking on the web site and am confused about how to make international calls, esp to Europe. Am I correct in saying the goodybag doesn't allow international calls and somehow I need to get credit? I find the information on the website a bit confusing.

Thanks to all who reply.


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by: reddwarf
on: 11/09/2010 | 11:55 edited: 11/09/2010 | 11:58

Yes it's not included. You need credit.


EDIT: Here are the prices for Europe...



International  calls, roaming and other rates

Calling the EU and other selected countries

If you call any EU country, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, India, Andorra, Croatia, Faroe Islands, French West Indies, Gibraltar, Kosovo, La Reunion, Montenegro, Serbia, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Guernsey, Monaco, San Marino, Iceland, Norway, Vatican City, Channel Islands.

Landline (per minute)8p
Mobile (per minute)16p



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by: darrenpainter
on: 11/09/2010 | 11:56

Yes, you need to have topup credit on your account to make calls to non-UK numbers. Simply go to Top-up, under what do you want to buy, select Buy Credit, select the ammount (from £10 to £30) and continue

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by: alexb38
on: 11/09/2010 | 11:59

Goodybags are only for UK phone numbers. To call a non-UK number, ie one from Europe, you'll have to top up £10 or more.

Don't forget when dialling to add their country's code, ie +1 (for USA) or +44 (for UK from abroad).


Alex Barnes dotmedotuk
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