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how do I remove age restriction for my internet

Started by: sameenakhan13
On: 23/08/2012 | 13:15
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by: sameenakhan13
on: 23/08/2012 | 13:15
I can not listen to some songs becasu it says age restriction is on
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by: ste53
on: 23/08/2012 | 13:16

just go to agents

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by: dalan
on: 23/08/2012 | 13:17
Content lock

Follow this guide. 

More info on why the removal of the restriction fails is available in
or failing that then Ask an Agent to remove the restrictions
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by: nasilpor
on: 23/08/2012 | 13:17
You'll have to log in & then either put your driving licence or passport no to prove your over 18 to remove it.
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by: fire_starter
on: 23/08/2012 | 13:18
The link itself is broken u will have to contact an agent with your details
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by: banalio
on: 23/08/2012 | 13:19

Another browser perhaps?

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