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how do i stop goody bag reoccuring? urgent!

Started by: queenvee3
On: 24/11/2012 | 14:32
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by: queenvee3
on: 24/11/2012 | 14:32
How do i stop my goody bag reoccuring! Urgent! Gonna charge me at midnight!
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by: soruk
on: 24/11/2012 | 14:32

Since I've not recurred, I can't say exactly, but you could try deleting your stored payment information (so they can't charge you).

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by: scheidt
on: 24/11/2012 | 14:33
Just delete your card it now...

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by: shamiimaa
on: 24/11/2012 | 14:34

go on 'my giffgaff', on the right it will say something about recurring your goodybag, it'll say change right underneath it. Click it and you'll know what to do

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by: mrcheerful
on: 24/11/2012 | 14:41
Go to 'my giffgaff' at top of the page and under my giffgaff you will see 'my payment details' click on it. Now you will see a few items listed, Your credit card ( may say debit if used a debit card) Auto top up and Recur your goodybag. Click on change next to the recur your goodybag and turn it off/on. I hope this helps.
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by: rizwan2k12
on: 24/11/2012 | 15:43
Just log into your giffgaff account go into your settings and take off your bank card details.
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by: fatima1233
on: 24/11/2012 | 15:44
disable it

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by: ellz2016
on: 09/10/2016 | 15:51
Hi. I'm trying to cancel my next goody bag for next month. But when I go to change it. Or turn it off. It's telling me I need to wait for my current goody bag to expire before we can update any settings?? Please help
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