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how do i top up to be able to use blackberry messenger?

Started by: mfb18
On: 19/04/2012 | 13:27
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by: mfb18
on: 19/04/2012 | 13:27

How much would i have to top up to use Blackberry Messenger? and how would I need to top up? 

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by: mba_263
on: 19/04/2012 | 13:28
you need the bb add on (£3)
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by: gawright
on: 19/04/2012 | 13:29
You need a goodybag + the £3 blackberry add on. And you need to configure your settings

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by: usmanozzy786
on: 19/04/2012 | 13:29
Extra £3 on top of the goodybag
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by: shahin1
on: 19/04/2012 | 13:30
the relevant goodybag an a £3 bb add on

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by: adamc94
on: 19/04/2012 | 13:34
you need a blackberry add on its £3
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by: kausar
on: 19/04/2012 | 13:36
just add the bb add on which is 3pound with your goodybag
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by: rossides
on: 19/04/2012 | 13:38

You have to buy a goodybag with the bolt on BBM if you do not buy them at the same time you will not be able to go back and buy the bolt on BBM and you will have to wait until your goodybag expires, so make sure you pruchase them at the same time.


I hope the info helps you.

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