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how long does it take to change your number..

Started by: kainaatliaqat7
On: 01/04/2013 | 19:43
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by: kainaatliaqat7
on: 01/04/2013 | 19:43

i have contacted an agent to change my number and i got a reply, just wondering how long it would take to change

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by: akhanom
on: 01/04/2013 | 19:43
couple of days
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by: morvin
on: 01/04/2013 | 19:44
Probably Tomorrow or Wednesday
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by: emmett2020
on: 01/04/2013 | 19:48
It should take anything from 24 to 48 hrs mate might be bit longer due to easter bank holiday try contacting a agent tomaro
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by: suheluddin2
on: 01/04/2013 | 19:50
24 to 48 hrs
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by: goonerrick
on: 01/04/2013 | 19:56
It should say in the agent's reply when your number will be changed.

Are you porting a number in from another network, or changing your existing giffgaff number?

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by: mr_mitch
on: 01/04/2013 | 20:00
Take into account the bank holiday so it might take until Wednesday
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by: giffgaffcodes
on: 01/04/2013 | 20:01

it will take 1 or 2 days, my number was changed by the next day

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by: youngp91
on: 01/04/2013 | 20:02

Last week I called O2 at 3PM for a PAC which they sent immediately.  I completed the GiffGaff number transfer form and transfer was completed by 9AM the following morning.  So 18 hours in my case!



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