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how long will it take for my number to transfer?

Started by: feesaaa
On: 15/03/2019 | 08:17
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by: feesaaa
on: 15/03/2019 | 08:17

I need the old number to be transferred right now. 

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by: natty88
on: 15/03/2019 | 08:20

@feesaaa  if brining number to giffgaff from another network the earliest date would be Monday next week sorry as transfers don't take place over weekends here's a full guide to transferring 


please follow this guide to Transfers hello an welcome my friend . 


you will need to first make sure your phone is on 02 or unlocked 


an that you have requested a pac code from previous network



if need a giffgaff sim card order one here please 



 an then activate your giffgaff sim with £10 voucher even an 02 voucher works.


 before you can fill in the number transfer form with your PAC code . .


to activate your sim follow this link an click on activate with top up voucher . 


After your sim is fully activated this is when you can see your number here 


and able to make and receive calls click on link below and enter your pac code  


the date format is like this eg 18/03/2019 


The form will always show the next available date for transfer 


also remember to input your old networks number without gaps eg 07 then the other 9 digits

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by: beebeer
on: 15/03/2019 | 08:20
If you take your PAC code here you can see at the bottom of the page "Date of transfer 18 March 2019"
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by: bentnose
on: 15/03/2019 | 08:22
hi@ feesaaa
can take up to 24 hours
just regularly restart your phone
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by: dazoo
on: 15/03/2019 | 08:23

Hi  @feesaaa 


When filled out the transfer of number form >>   to bring in a number to giffgaff account then have dates can choose from to when will start the transfer of number to giffgaff account.

On the date selected then can take anytime on that date to 9pm for the ported in number to show on giffgaff account that will show >>


Be out of service while number transferring in to giffgaff account.

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by: feesaaa
on: 15/03/2019 | 08:24
I already transferred yesterday 14/03/19 but I didn’t get the option to choose what date the transfer would take place.
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by: feesaaa
on: 15/03/2019 | 08:44
It says 18/03/19 for the transfer date.
Can’t it happen any quicker than that?
Also it says that I requested the transfer on 15/03/19 but I requested it on 14/03/19.
Lol I jus really need my number to be transferred as soon as possible.
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by: natty88
on: 15/03/2019 | 08:49

@feesaaa  unfortunately the date shown would be the earliest date available for transferring numbers as its one company that does all UK transfers of numbers  

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by: sloz
on: 15/03/2019 | 08:50
Hi, what time yesterday did you submit the transfer request?
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