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how many texts is unlimited on giffgaff?

Started by: abigails651
On: 04/03/2012 | 13:49
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by: mubarak1994
on: 04/03/2012 | 14:12

there is no cap it is truly unlimited Smiley Happy

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by: xuv
on: 04/03/2012 | 14:13
Glad you got that sorted. Unlimited is unlimited and not the 12000 texts that you had with you previous provider.

Enjoy the txt, but if you plan sending that number you might need to buy new fingers... they will wear out Smiley Wink
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by: yuwa
on: 04/03/2012 | 14:35
maybe someone can give some figures, i used about 1500 texts last time, no probs whatsoever...
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by: a_uk23
on: 04/03/2012 | 14:40
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by: 123hen14
on: 03/11/2012 | 13:33
hey are you sure? im worried i will run out... i had unlimited on o2 and iv ran out 2 times after about 5 years with big with o2 so i hope giffgaff has more of a limit if not unlimited but is that possible? there has to be a limit in the data base?
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by: alecalexandrou
on: 03/11/2012 | 13:34
0 is the figure shown by default on the unlimited goodybags.
You are able to send as many as you want.
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by: nasilpor
on: 03/11/2012 | 13:35
To be on the safe side why don't you use an app called Whatsapp if you've got Internet on your phone that will help.
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by: dlozuk
on: 03/11/2012 | 13:37

My son has been sending over 4000 a month... its truelly unlmited as long as its for personal and not business use

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by: hairyface82
on: 03/11/2012 | 14:31
unlimited ,there is no limit
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