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how to divert all calls to voice mail?

Started by: steved1989
On: 16/05/2019 | 01:20
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by: steved1989
on: 16/05/2019 | 01:20

I'm using this number as a business number. I would like all my calls diverted to voicemail without the rings or very small amount of rings and then voicemail. 


any help on how to do this please. 

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by: jaymailsays
on: 16/05/2019 | 01:54


Dial *21*443# to divert all calls immediately to voicemail. Dialing #21# will cancel the command.

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by: steved1989
on: 16/05/2019 | 01:57

thank you for that kind sir.
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by: macca28
on: 16/05/2019 | 01:59


you are most welcome  Smiley Happy

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