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how to save all apps to SD card on HTC wildfire S ?

Started by: melannie
On: 23/08/2012 | 22:32
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by: melannie
on: 23/08/2012 | 22:32

Ok, Dumb Blonde alert again here, lol Smiley Sad


I keep getting update options, some I would like to take and some I dont, but a few times now my phone has said that it is runnning out of internel memory and I need to clear some stuff out in order to take the update, so I go ahead and get rid of the apps i dont really need etc and that allows me to get the update.


BUT, a few times now I have not been able to get rid of any updates as it says theres none to get rid of, it also says move to SD card which is 4GB in size and already has a couple of things on it, so the SD card is fine, but when I select to move apps to SD card it says no apps available, hmmmm ?


I have went ahead and factory reset my phone now and I would love to know how to set this up so that when I install all apps and my photos and videos etc they all go onto the SD card rather than the phones internal storage as this is getting to be a real pain in the neck every now and again having to do a factory reset.


I would like to think there is a way to do this, is there ?


If people can help me i shall give everyone kudos as I always do.


A little step by step guide would be great as I have tried to figure it out many times and just cant see how to.


Thanks guys and girls Smiley Happy x

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by: giffgaffmember_2012
on: 23/08/2012 | 22:35
Reset the phone it will increase the memory
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by: paultheball
on: 23/08/2012 | 22:40
There are several methods to back up your HTC
Wildfire S and some back up certain stuff and
some don't:

1) Back up your settings, contacts, apps,
calendar, and emails.
This is the simplest way to back up your phone.
Simply go to Settings > Privacy and make sure
Backup my settings is selected. Then go to Settings
> Accounts and Sync > Gmail and select every
option there is. Now when you restore your
phone, or even move to another android phone -
your settings, contacts, apps, calendar, and emails
will all be there; as long as you use the same
gmail account.

2) Back up Text Messages (SMS)
To back up your text messages, download this app
entitled "SMS Backup & Restore" it lets you
backup your text messages, view your backed up
text messages, e-mail a text message backup to
yourself and much more. Plus, it's free.

3) Photo Backup
To back up your photos, I recommend you drag
and drop them to a hard drive or USB device, or
use ASTRO File Manager.. To drag and drop them
to a PC, simply start HTC Sync, then plug in your
HTC Wildfire S and set it to "disk drive" mode.
Copy the DCIM folder to a hard drive or other
storage device that you will have access to if you
ever need it. To email it to yourself. Simply view
the photo on your phone, then click Menu > Share
> Email.

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by: pascal94
on: 23/08/2012 | 22:45

try backing up onto a pc

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by: rebelyell
on: 23/08/2012 | 22:49
Not all apps can be moved to SD. Those that can't have the move to SD option (or move to USB storage) greyed out.

The ones that can you just press on the move to SD option and a portion of the app will move to SD.

You can go into Settings>Manage Apps and then chose the app you want to try to move.

Some well known apps that are quite large can move to SD such as the Angry Birds series. Apps such as Google Maps can't be moved.
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by: rebelyell
on: 23/08/2012 | 22:53 edited: 23/08/2012 | 22:54

You should note that when you did a factory reset you will have removed updates to system apps. This will have released a lot of internal memory but you will probably want to update them again and system apps won't move to SD (unless you root your phone).

You will also have cleared out any caches that were taking up memory. This caches can grow large over time but you can purge them by just going into Manage Apps and deleting the cache.

Some apps that create large caches are Facebook and Web Browsers.

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by: evafolkard
on: 23/08/2012 | 23:03
I have the same phone and used to have the same problem! People have suggested things none have worked for me. Iv plugged my phone in to my laptop and I can't get anything in my internal memory of my phone! The only way iv managed to do it is by not syncing anything! In application settings I cleared the data on my contacts and havnt resynced any of them since. I set my text messages so they delete when over 20, don't store to many moving/active widgets on your screen, and if it still gets full after that go in settings, app management and clear the data (not just from apps yourv downloaded) for as many as you can! I hope that helps.
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by: rhodeatlas
on: 24/08/2012 | 00:05
Try apps2sd from Google Play

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by: mgb2
on: 24/08/2012 | 03:02

@rhodeatlas wrote:
Try apps2sd from Google Play

to back up the app2sd app I can offer the following.... today I updated the app2sd app and it managed to move a further 4 apps from my phone memory giving me another 3.2Mb to play with... depending on the number of apps you have this recent update could make quite a difference to the storage on the phone itself...


as others have said tho, not every app can be moved, so you will need to download them again after a factory reset... if you paid for them it shouldn't be an issue as yr google account knows this & should let you download them again.

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by: melannie
on: 24/08/2012 | 03:04

thanks peeps, but why have a 4GB SD card and you cant even use it ?


that doesnt sound logical, does it ?


I mean, the apps that need to be on the internal memory, i can undrstand that and that isnt a problem, but why not an option to save whatever else to the SD card ?


I'm 99% sure the photos and videos already go onto the sd card as i have checked the card on my pc, so at a guess thats where there are saved, its just all the other stuff that doesnt seem to go on the sd card for some strange reason which is crazy.


Might as well not even have an sd card at all really in that case then !

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