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how to unbust my phone which i lost but got it bk

Started by: dlugosh4ever
On: 23/11/2011 | 11:29
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by: dlugosh4ever
on: 23/11/2011 | 11:29

hi two weeks ago at the party ive missplaced my iphone4 n couldnt find it for few days o thought it was stolen but  my frinds eventually found it.... when one day after lookin for it 3 days ive busted my card n phone thinkin ill neva get it bk now i hav it my sim is activated n runnin cos i checked it on other mobile but when i pop it into my iphone it shows no network

could some1 please tell me how to bring it bk to life ??????

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by: weeman
on: 23/11/2011 | 11:31

You will have to contact an agent mate and get them to unblock the phone.



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by: alweb
on: 23/11/2011 | 11:32

you will need to order a replacement sim through the lost / stolen

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by: greenman
on: 23/11/2011 | 11:33

Report your sim as lost/stolen and you will be sent another sim with credit transferred.

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by: dlugosh4ever
on: 23/11/2011 | 11:37

ye ive done it my sim is replaced but my phone still not workin with it...... no service all the time

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by: tim1974
on: 23/11/2011 | 12:01

Did you report the phone stolen? If you did the imei should have been barred from the network and would need an agent to unbar it.

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by: dlugosh4ever
on: 23/11/2011 | 12:42
well ive clicked on bust my sim n phone n when ive put my fresh sim into the phone it wont work.... ive wrote to agents but i bet ill be still waitin for reply 5 or 6 days as usually they do
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