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iPhone 5S sim not working

Started by: akiram22
On: 21/09/2013 | 09:59
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by: akiram22
on: 21/09/2013 | 09:59

Hello everyone,


I bought a new iPhone 5S yesterday (unlocked) and placed my activated nano sim in for the first time and there is no network connection at all (calls, messages, internet etc). When you call the number it goes straight to voicemail.


The O2 network however is being recognised and the 5 bar network connection is full, which leads me to think that the sim card isn't faulty, and that there is something wrong with the registration. I also tried changing the APN details (APN, username: vertigo etc) but it's still not working.  


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you Smiley Happy



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by: weeman
on: 21/09/2013 | 10:01

Are you sure it's unlocked?Where did you buy it from?



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by: tonilsy
on: 21/09/2013 | 10:02
I received this message frm gg the other day and hope it will help

If you've just upgraded to iOS7 and lost the internet, don't worry, we can help you find it again - with our step by step settings guide

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by: akiram22
on: 21/09/2013 | 10:08



Yes I did see that, however it's not just the internet, it's everything. It seems as though the phone is not recognising my number which makes me think it's a registration issue?

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by: akiram22
on: 21/09/2013 | 10:09

Hi George,


Yes it's definitely unlocked, I got it from the apple store and double checked with the sales assistant before purchasing it. 

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by: mykiel78
on: 21/09/2013 | 10:11
You lucky thing on the 5s Smiley Happy

May I ask when you activated your sim or have you always had it?
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by: mahmood_01
on: 21/09/2013 | 10:14
Best thing to do is to contact an agent they will help you solve this problem out
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by: baileysqueen
on: 21/09/2013 | 10:17 edited: 21/09/2013 | 10:23

when i activated my sim card on a friday it took until tuesday am to successfully activate.


this is because it takes 24 hours to activate. a 'whole' working day. so if you activate on a friday it might not be actioned until the next working day and then it will take 24 hours.


i did read a help file on giffgaff somewhere that told you day it would be done if you activated on different days i wish i coud lcould find it.


and an o2 iphone will wok on giffgaff so dont worry.


hope you have changed the mobile network settings though because giff gaff uses different ones to o2


spme iphones lock to the first sim card put in them so dont try another sim incase it locks.


also you will need to turn the phone off and on to get it working after its been activating. so keep trying this :-)



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by: gama321
on: 21/09/2013 | 10:18
Is it the SIM activated already? If so it can be a network issues it seems.

Please follow the below steps to the letter if you are facing network issues in your area -
hope this helps.

1, See if theres any faults here by typing in your post code @ (alternative site - giffgaff operates as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator using the o2 / Telefonica Network
2, Turn On airplane mode ( if you have this option ) And then turn Off after about 20 seconds
[ Alternatively ] Take the battery out for 30 seconds and then place in back in and power On the handset Etc ( This option is not for iphones and any other phones that your carnt take or get the battery out the handset )
3, Try
4, Hand clean the sim Very Soft
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by: baileysqueen
on: 21/09/2013 | 10:24


Day of request (Requests Before 3pm):

Day of transfer:

Saturday, Sunday and Monday










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