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iPhone 6 Plus camera fuzzy

Started by: hunaeem
On: 23/11/2014 | 17:38
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by: hunaeem
on: 23/11/2014 | 17:38

I have noticed recently that my back camera on my iPhone 6 plus has started to take fuzzy photos and videos and will not focus at all. My front camera is fine but the image on the back camera will not stabilise at all. I can hear a ticking noise coming from the camera so I believe it's a hardware issue and not a software one.
Who do I send my phone to to be replaced (Apple or giff gaff) and how long does it usually take to fix these things?


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by: nainahussain234
on: 23/11/2014 | 17:39
You go straight to apple

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by: bengalknights
on: 23/11/2014 | 17:39
You can take it local Apple store for swap
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by: miaoxian1
on: 23/11/2014 | 17:40
Hi you can return to giffgaff to exchange or take it Apple store
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by: sandrabi5
on: 23/11/2014 | 17:40
Hi make a appointment at a apple shop online you can pick a slot you want then take your iphone in they will check it out.

Hope this helps
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by: riiceball
on: 23/11/2014 | 17:41
You can take it straight to Apple
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by: mh769
on: 23/11/2014 | 17:42
you can send it to giffgaff or go straight to apple
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by: pawelm4778
on: 23/11/2014 | 17:43
The best way is make appointment in Apple store. Go to fill the form and you receive invitations you choose the best for you and new iPhone will be waiting for you ( if it is hardware faults). Of course if Apple showroom is close your flat.
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by: roxi53
on: 23/11/2014 | 17:43
Whichever is more convenient for you, take it back to an apple store or return it to giffgaff
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by: sauron
on: 23/11/2014 | 17:44

You should always return to the place you got it from unless it is covered by an extended warrenty from the manufacture or third party

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