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iPhone 6 not connecting to mobile internet at all.

Started by: dandaley
On: 29/10/2015 | 11:30
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by: dandaley
on: 29/10/2015 | 11:30



My iPhone 6 will not connect to mobile internet at all.


There is no 4G 3G E or GPRS in the top left.


Connects to wifi fine. and calls and texts fine.


Have been on the community and tried all kinds of options: resetting network settings, turning phone on and off, removing sim. Checked the APN & username are correct.


Any further help or advice would be much appreciated!



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by: sloz
on: 29/10/2015 | 11:33
Do you Hsve another unactivated giffgaff sim?
If you do can you pop that in to see if the connection symbol appears

Also try and connect to
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by: dandaley
on: 29/10/2015 | 11:41

Dont have an unactivated sim atm.


And it cant connect to the community either.



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by: pawelm4778
on: 29/10/2015 | 11:55
Login to your account and check if you have active Goodybag with data or Airtime Credits
You can also install carrier settings ( if you didn't buy in the giffgaff shop)
If still doesn't work check your sim in another unlocked or locked to O2 phone or another active giffgaff sim in your iPhone
If your sim is broken you need to make sim swap:

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by: sloz
on: 29/10/2015 | 12:01
Others have reported a similar problem recentjy (usually After a phone software uodate)
And a sim swap usually fixes the problem

So order a few sims now (you might receive them on saturday with a bit of luck)

Once they arrive pop one in your phone
To see if it shows a connection symbol and to see if it connects to the community link as I advised earlier
(don't perform a sim swap and then pop the sim in)

When youve confirmed the unactivated sim can do that
Complete a sim swap

Click here and log in

Put the 6 digit code in from your new sim And click continue

On the next page it'll show the 6 didgit activation codes and sim serial numbers of your current and new sim cards

Click where it says...

"Yes I want to replace my SIM" ( on mobile browsers don't forget to scroll down to see)

On the next page click "yes I'm sure"

Your new sim will hopefully be active within 30 minutes And your old sim will be disabled ( if the new sim dosnt appear active after 30 minutes try turning the phone off and on
Get a free giffgaff Sim
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by: cherrycoke1983
on: 29/10/2015 | 12:13

Have you taken out the sim card, make sure you give it a wipe.

making sure the phone is turned off.

try texting setting or check you have the right settings.

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