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iPhone SE front camera not working.

Started by: seybin
On: 17/03/2019 | 16:50
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by: seybin
on: 17/03/2019 | 16:50



i bought a new IPhone SE 6 months ago and the front camera is not working anymore. Is the warranty covering the repair?



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by: natty88
on: 17/03/2019 | 16:53 edited: 17/03/2019 | 16:54

@seybin  if bought brand new book and Apple genius appointment at your local Apple store to get it checked out under your twelve months warranty at your local Apple store 

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by: seybin
on: 17/03/2019 | 18:40
Yes, brand new through giffgaff.

Ok, will do, but I thought giffgaff will have warranty too, no?
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by: musiclis123
on: 17/03/2019 | 19:11 edited: 17/03/2019 | 19:58
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by: shibolleth
on: 17/03/2019 | 19:20
Hiya @seybin
Since the device was purchased brand new, it is covered under Apple's warranty, not giffgaff's. Giffgaff's warranty only applies to pre-owned devices. You are covered under the manufacturer's warranty however. You should make an appointment at an apple store or schedule a phone replacement through the phone

Apple's technical support phone number is 0800 107 6285

Hopefully this helped; have a nice day-
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by: seybin
on: 18/03/2019 | 10:14
Thank you
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by: seybin
on: 19/03/2019 | 00:16 edited: 19/03/2019 | 00:17



I took it to the store and it's liquid damage to the front camera. Everything else works as before. The warranty doesn't cover that and I only have the option to replace it. The Apple staff asked me if I have giffgaff insurance. So I'm asking you, can giffgaff replace my phone in these conditions?

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by: pds01144
on: 19/03/2019 | 01:15

@seybin Sorry, giffgaff provides no insurance on phones and will not replace it for water damage. It's really frustrating to discover that tyoe of damage but no companies cover it.

If you are in a situation where that can frequently occur you will need to consider the waterproof models; begin with the 8 I believe.

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