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internet settings for blackberry bold

Started by: andrewtasker81
On: 25/07/2012 | 13:41
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by: andrewtasker81
on: 25/07/2012 | 13:41

i am haveing no luck getting my bold internet settings and iv sent settings to 2020 and its not happening  plz help.



thanks andy

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by: macca28
on: 25/07/2012 | 13:42
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by: macca28
on: 25/07/2012 | 13:42
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by: bobbyj_rfl
on: 25/07/2012 | 13:43
To use a Blackberry without the add-on (although the add-on is recommended because it solves many issues and only costs three quid) it is first necessary to manually configure the APN settings.

For OS 4 or 5: From the Home screen, Options > Advanced Options > TCP

User Name: giffgaff
Password: password

Then Menu Key and Save.

For OS 6 or 7: Trackpad button > Open Tray Select Options > Device > Advanced System Settings > TCP/IP

User Name: giffgaff
Password: password

Then BB Menu key and Save.

To access the web from this point on, you should download and use the Opera Mini browser, and there are also several other functions that need to be worked around, such as (but not limited to) Gmail and FaceBook, which is one reason why the add-on is recommended. You should be aware that BBM and push e-mails won't work without the Blackberry add-on.

For a more detailed guide to this, check
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by: dalan
on: 25/07/2012 | 13:43

How to setup your Blackberry:

Have a look at this. 
Blackberry troubleshooter:

Blackberry Addon 1010:

Blackberry without bb add on

Internet without the BlackBerry Add-on
In order to get the internet working on a BlackBerry without the BlackBerry Add-on you will need to have the Opera Mini browser installed on your BlackBerry instead. Follow this simple guide on some instructions to getting on the internet with out the BlackBerry Add-on:
First of all set up your BlackBerry internet settings to the following:
Username: giffgaff
Password: password
Then, while connected to wifi, you need to download the Opera Mini internet browser from the BlackBerry App World
Now when you want to use the internet use the newly installed browser, Opera Mini, and it should work!
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by: jbaddiley
on: 25/07/2012 | 14:25

BlackBerry Add On MUST ALWAYS be purchased at the same time as a goodybag for you to surf the internet with the BlackBerry Browser* as all the web traffic is routed through the BlackBerry Servers before you view it.


The £3.00 BlackBerry Add On gives you three things:


1) BlackBerry Messenger

2) BlackBerry push Email

3) Activates the BlackBerry web browser




If you use the internet regularly, I recommend the £10.00 goodybag + £3.00 BlackBerry Add On. Total price per month = £13.00. You'll get unlimited internet via official BB Web Browser, BBM and BB push Email.


Otherwise you can browse occasionally with the BlackBerry web browser (for extra data cost) if your chose the £5.00 Hokey Cokey goodybag +£3.00 BlackBerry Add On, although data charges can eat into your credit quickly with this package.


Everything you need to know about setting up your BlackBerry can be found on this post:

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by: hosaam123
on: 25/07/2012 | 14:28

if you want internet and bbm aswell you will need to buy the add on with the goodybag

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