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Started by: natalielola98
On: 18/07/2013 | 22:58
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by: natalielola98
on: 18/07/2013 | 22:58

i have the £7.50 goodybag which means i get so much internet,

but when i get 3G and come to use the internet it never loads and i dont know how much i have used,

any help?

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by: mickf
on: 18/07/2013 | 22:59

Look in 'my giffgaff' it tells you under the active goodybag.

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by: nigel188
on: 18/07/2013 | 23:02
On your account page look for active goody bag and it will show you. It won't have used much if it wss judg 3g.
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by: lawhui
on: 18/07/2013 | 23:07

Could it be that your APN settings (settings required to access mobile internet and send/recieve MMS) are not correct?

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by: jo2010
on: 19/07/2013 | 01:03
Depending what phone you have will depend on which method you require

Text settings to 2020 to have the settings sent directly to your phone
If on android download the giffgaff apn from the market place using wifi, this will set everything up for you.

iPhone set up

You need to manually change the settings for the iPhone 2020 does not work it is easy enough to do,
Go into settings
Mobile data network
You will then see the settings that need changing


Apn -
Username - Giffgaff
Password - Password (this is the word password)


Apn -
Username - Giffgaff
Password - Password


Apn -
Username - Giffgaff
Password - Password
Mmsc -
Mms proxy -
Mms max message size - 2097152
Leave last section blank

Ensure not to press the reset button on completion and make sure mobile data is turned on along with 3G

Settings for htc 8s windows phone:

Go to Settings > mobile network, make sure Network selection dropdown is set to automatic.

Next add internet apn settings

Username: giffgaff
Password: password
Proxy server (URL): (leave empty)
Proxy port: (leave empty)
IP type: IP4v6


Next add mms apn settings

Username: giffgaff
Password: password
WAP gateway (URL):
WAP gateway port: 8080
MMSC port: 8002
Maximum MMS size: (leave empty)
IP type: IP4v6


Restart Phone.

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by: leemg3
on: 19/07/2013 | 02:10

you got the right internet settings? you prob need to type them in to get it working then you can see how much data you have left on your my giffgaff page

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