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Started by: sklsteve
On: 08/12/2011 | 03:24
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by: sklsteve
on: 08/12/2011 | 03:24
What internet dongles can be used with giffgaff. I have an old 3 dongle, can it be unlocked? If so how.
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by: xtreemneo
on: 08/12/2011 | 04:12 edited: 08/12/2011 | 04:13

Hello skisteve,


The following post refers to unlocking various dongles..


Try to unlock it by following the above guide/post, if unable to.. you can call 3 Customer Service or walkin to their store to get the dongle unlocked, I guess.


Personnaly I have walked into orange store once to unlock my orange dongle..

They did it for me, Well... I was on a PAYG plan that time..





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by: djbonner07
on: 08/12/2011 | 04:14

Try Here


My Dongle Settings Guide: Settings

Get a free giffgaff Sim
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