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iphone 4: connection to server failed

Started by: rajoo
On: 17/12/2011 | 04:03
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by: rajoo
on: 17/12/2011 | 04:03

I keep getting this message when trying to connect to my mail. have 2 hotmail accounts, only difference between them is the email add, one works fine the other says connection to server failed. They both worked up until 8th dec and my main email add stopped working. Any ideas what the problem is and do you have any solutions.
Btw I have an iphone 4 running os5.01, but stopped working when I was on os5 (it worked for a while on os5 though) and updated it, but to no avail.

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by: mary_r_t
on: 17/12/2011 | 04:41

does your internet work via the browser?

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by: jfarrell2011
on: 17/12/2011 | 04:51
Have you double checked for a typo, even better idea would be to delete the account on the phone and set it back up - assuming mail is all backed up to server?
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by: lordvaderuk
on: 17/12/2011 | 06:49

Seems to be a common enough problem, a quick Google (amazing search engine, worth a look) turned up this thread on the Apple support forum:


Worth looking through that since people have come up with solutions, mostly seems to involve setting up the Hotmail account again.

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