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iphone 5 how much GB data will I need?

Started by: deianaugustus
On: 14/09/2012 | 15:18
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by: deianaugustus
on: 14/09/2012 | 15:33
In consideration I've been using giff gaff for over a year and that th handset would cost £600 to use on giff gaff sim I think this a fair place to ask. And also in the post it said 'thinking'........thank you everyone else for your replies
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by: banalio
on: 14/09/2012 | 15:35

Data consumption on that phone could possibly be extraordinary if you dont pull yourself in the neck.

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by: juliet123
on: 23/01/2014 | 23:01
My daughter previously a blackberry mobile and I used to top up each month with 1g internet and a blackberry add on. She now has an iPhone 5 and I was wondering do I pay for more internet data as well as the blackberry add on as her blackberry service has stopped working the same time as her 1g of data has run out and her goodybag has not even expired yet. She has had no blackberry service for the last two weeks therefore do I need to pay more money.
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