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jimmason has a question about Need an unlock code for a ee galaxy s4 please

Started by: jimmason
On: 13/07/2018 | 04:17
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by: jimmason
on: 13/07/2018 | 04:17
Hi I am trying to unlock my galaxy s4 witch is locked to ee can anyone help please I am trying to do it right first time instead of the wrong way witch can stop your phone running well
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by: chef_ronin
on: 13/07/2018 | 04:20
You need to get in touch with EE, as they will be able to give you the code for a small fee or can try your luck on ebay!
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by: tazzy19
on: 13/07/2018 | 06:44


EE may unlock it free


How much does it cost to unlock my device?

An EE pay monthly device, 

£8.99 in contract OR free out of contract
An EE pay as you go device

Free (if bought direct with EE by the requester) OR £8.99
A second-hand device locked to EE, bought from eBay, Gumtree or handed down etc

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