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johnmanc1965 has a question about Ive bought a new phone. Put my old giffgaff sim in my new samsung s7. Its saying i need to register the sim? Why ive used this sim card since 2013

Started by: johnmanc1965
On: 28/03/2018 | 18:00
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by: johnmanc1965
on: 28/03/2018 | 18:00
As above. New phone. Old giffgaff sim. Used daily since 2013. Now its asking me to register the sim. Why???
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by: sloz
on: 28/03/2018 | 18:02

Hi is your sim working?
Can you call 43430?
Text the word NAME to 43430 to receive confirmation of your correct username

Click here to log out

Click here
But this time in the first log in box put your number instead of a username
(password in the second box as usual)

You should arrive at your correct (active) account

Get a free giffgaff Sim
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